“Becoming a Can-Do Leader” A book recommendation from AXIOM

AXIOM has a great network of L&D professionals that are always a driving force in the learning and development industry. Another great colleague of ours has written a book and we are proud to share it with you.Jamie Milliard

Jamie Millard, a friend and fellow ATD member of Peter Ward has written a book called “Becoming a Can-Do Leader: A Guide for the Busy Manager.” It’s on Amazon now!

“Conventional management thinking says that to manage effectively you must delegate. It implies that managers fall into a dangerous trap when they continue to perform tasks they love from a previous role. And it says that to not let go is to give in to a controlling tendency that robs staff of development opportunities. But not everyone agrees.”

This is a great book about how managers should be able to do what they love AND delegate work to their team. According to the book, “It’s time to get productively and selectively involved in the work, enabling you to manage more effectively and keep up with important advances in your field all while developing and leading your team to success.”

Here’s a blurb from Jamie’s bio: “About 15 years ago, Jamie co-founded Lexington Leadership Partners LLC, a leadership development firm focused on customized leadership training and executive coaching. He and his co-founder and business partner Gus Murby are both Executive Partners of the firm and with their high energy and back & forth antics, they have been called the “Frick & Frack” of leadership training.”

Congratulations Jamie, we’re thrilled for you and wish you the best. This book really makes you think and we at AXIOM are always looking out for ways to challenge ourselves.

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