Berkeley News – Cybersecurity and other Tech Interests

We love it when we stumble upon a great site that piques our interest and fits into what we’re doing here at AXIOM. We were introduced to Berkeley News by AXIOM Friend Steve DeFino and even though this is a university site, adult learning has no boundaries. We learn every day and it doesn’t matter where it comes from!

Adult learningUniversity of California Berkeley is a wealth of information and has a great section of articles and posts related to technology and engineering. We’re particularly interested in topics like cybersecurity, experiments using magnetic chips, biomedical learning and using smart phones to detect earthquakes.

AXIOM dives into so many different industries with our training initiatives. Our network of instructors, learning architects and instructional designers come from many different backgrounds, there’s no topic we can’t handle. These new technologies, apps and systems are changing the world in ways we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago, and as with any new technology, people need to learn to use it.

AXIOM spends a lot of time keeping up with new technologies and advancements, doing our best to stay on top of things so you can rely on us for all your learning needs.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more from this site and showing you how we can customize a training for you and your business so you stay ahead of the curve, too.

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