Cultural Differences in Performance Reviews

In today’s world, companies have diverse work forces with many different cultures represented. It is important to understand how different cultures view things like work tasks, evaluations, and performance goals in order to maximize the potential of your staff.

We read a great blog by Lauren Supraner from CAL Learning who talks about how other cultures may take news given in performance reviews differently and how managers can make each conversations beneficial to both parties.

One thing that stood out to us is for managers to ask themselves, “What type of feedback will this person be most receptive to hearing? What is the most effective way to get my message across?”

The goal of a good manager is to interact with their team in a way that motivates everyone, use everyone’s strengths, and create an environment for success.

Lauren talks about the differences between high-context cultures and low-context cultures and how you can give feedback based on those two types of people.

We found this really interesting and helpful, particularly to those of our instructors and consultants who don’t have a lot of time to get to know people when they start a new project. This gives them some context and helps create a cohesive working (and learning!) environment.

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