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Faced with a big project, reduced staff and a tight deadline? These are problems that face learning professionals every day. Sometimes you just need a little help with your design and development.

What if you had a back-up team, that could take care of some of the work while making sure the project goes exactly how you envisioned it?

AXIOM can do that. In fact, it’s something we love to do!

Good design and development is essential to your learning objective. It makes the project efficient; you aren’t searching through large amounts of information just to find what you are looking for. If put together right, it keeps learners engaged, making training worthwhile and memorable.

We read a great article in the eLearning Heroes section of called “Why Instructional Design is Important”. This really made sense to us: “Instructional designers help streamline and structure information in a way that makes it easy to learn and incorporate into your day-to-day life.”

When you design great content and your learners retain the information, you’re saving money and time, two incredibly valuable resources in the business world.

Training that translates to new or changed behavior can directly influence your bottom line.

AXIOM will work with you, as your virtual back up staff to make sure you design the most efficient training program for your staff.  We take things off your plate like:

  • Student guides
  • Instructor guides
  • Quick reference cards
  • eLearning development
  • mLearning development
  • Blended learning
  • Repurposing of materials

We work with you every step of the way to make sure the training program you envisioned comes to fruition. We are there from start to finish to ensure your learners get the most out of your training program.

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