eLearning, What are the Benefits?

Many people use eLearning;  it can be really great for certain situations. We like to think of it as “learning from afar”. The benefits can outweigh some of the drawbacks and as technology improves, so do eLearnings.

If you have remote employees, or offices around the world, eLearning can be a huge cost saver. It can keep your company on the same page without spending massive amounts of money on travel expenses. Plus, the delivery is immediate. There is no waiting to plan a training session, or having to schedule around holidays, weekends, free office time or trainer availability.

A lot of people like eLearnings because they can view them when it’s convenient for them. They can carve out a time that makes sense in their schedule and watch uninterrupted. Without worrying about what is being missed, what calls are going to voicemail or what emails are going unanswered, participants can focus on the topic they need to learn about.

Another compelling reason for eLearnings is they can be short and more to the point. Participants get small bursts of information and can easily take those tips back to their jobs immediately. Sitting in a classroom training for days can be appropriate in many situations but if you want immediate impact, shorter more concise eLearnings can be a better option. Especially if the material being presented is fairly easy. And, if it’s something that can be implemented without a lot of hands-on help or post-class support, that’s even better.

There are many ways to teach your staff, and nothing is one-size-fits-all. Choosing eLearning when it makes the most sense can be cost-effective, impactful and even environmentally friendly (no travel, no paper, no wasted materials!)

We found a great article that echos some of our sentiments at www.kineo.com called “The Benefits of eLearning”. Look it up and let us know what you think!

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