Email Habits that can Backfire

Sending email is as essential to a business as breathing. Communication internally, externally, with customers, clients, partners, and targets is done almost primarily through email. If you can’t reach someone directly, are off business hours, or want to share news with a large group, email is the way to go.

But, it can be abused. Spam is the worst! While a great email can bring you new relationships, customers or opportunity, a bad one can shut you off just as fast. Especially if you are using email as a marketing tool, which just about everyone does. email button

We found a great article on about bad email habits that had some new information for us to consider. It’s not just about what you say, but who you say it to.

We know that generic “one size fits all” emails are not effective anymore, but what we didn’t know was how effective segmenting your list can be. Sending targeted emails to smaller groups based on location, industry, past history or even age can get your open rate up a lot higher.

People are not easily fooled, so a personalized message is much more likely to get noticed. A random email with a generic subject line from an unknown address? That’s going right in the trash! But an email from an actual person with a subject line that matters to the recipient with information directly relevant to them? That’s bound to get a few more opens.

And don’t forget, follow up is just as important. Look at the list of people who opened your email, see how far they clicked through, notice what links made them click and follow up with them. Now, you’ve send a personalized email and followed up with a real conversation. That’s how great relationships get started!

If you would like to read more, here’s the article we found: 6 Email Habits that are Alienating your Customers.

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