Even Trainers go to Training

As AXIOM grows, so do our internal needs. We recently made the decision to move to Salesforce as our CRM system and have been immersed in data retrieval and uploading, dashboard creation and task management. Lucky for us, the Salesforce World Tour was making a stop in Boston and we jumped at the chance to learn from the experts.

Sure, our business is training and helping your business meet its needs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little training in ourselves!

Peter Ward and Stacy Brinegar braved the horrible downpours, total lack of parking and everyday Boston traffic to learn as much as we could about our new system in a short day. We were a bit late due to all the parking garages at the Hynes Convention Center being full, but we did make it to most of the keynote speech by Keith Block, Saleforce Vice President, Chair and COO. salesforce keynote

What a great speaker! Even though we were in another room due to overcrowding (yes, it was that packed!) we felt like he was speaking to us, especially when he talked about Salesforce being an essential tool for any sized business.

The best part of his speech though…and you’ll have to excuse us if you’re not a Boston sports fan…Patriots coach Bill Belichick came up and spoke! Nothing more inspiring than hearing how dedication and team work can boost your business into the stratosphere from the coaching legend himself. Excuse the fuzzy picture, we were a little excited!

After an engaging and motivating speech, we headed into the convention center to browse the booths, learn some tips and tricks and have some lunch. Stacy headed over to the admin area to learn to set up Saleforce to work exactly how we need it to, and Peter walked around chatting with people about using Salesforce online, customizing it to work for us as a recruiting tool and how to set up our forecasting and sales goals. We were blown away at the wealth of knowledge and how many people were willing and happy to talk to us about our goals. This is quite a company!

Salesfoce breakoutAfter lunch, we each headed to some breakout sessions. Peter in sales and Stacy in administration. The sessions we attended were incredibly well put together and made Salesforce look like the easiest system. We hope it’s true! I know we came away with many ideas on what to do, how to do it and where we can go from here.

Not only are we confident Salesforce will help us, we also got a chance to sit on the other side of the training desk. Seeing how well-prepared and friendly each person was, whether it be an ‘expert’ in the main exhibit hall, or a presenter in a break out session, reminded us how proud we are that we also have great presenters on the AXIOM team. Seeing training from the other point of view allows us to gain perspective and reminds us how important it is that we supply quality, professional trainers, instructors and designers to your business.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay the whole day, but we did get a lot of really good information and we’re all excited to put this tool to good use. Oh and Salesforce? Thanks for the free gift!

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