Falling Forward, from Speech Revolution

We love getting to know so many interesting, smart and innovative learning and development professionals through our work. We found a great blog post from AXIOM friend and fellow ATD Bay Colonies board member, Kara Marina Lund called “Falling Forward”.

It’s a great piece about skydiving that ties into a popular fear: public speaking. Check it out here.

Kara is the CEO of Speech Revolution and is a professional coach focusing on voice, speech and presentation skills for executives.

Kara’s client base is made up of executives at all levels from Fortune 100 companies. They come from any industry: health-care, financial services, pharmaceuticals, education, ministry, and technology, among others.

Kara has been a voice instructor, educator, and film and stage performer for more than 20 years. As an educator, she has designed and taught college level performance-based courses in music and communications. As a performer, Kara has experience working in a wide variety of music from opera and cabaret to the avant-garde in over ten different languages. She has also been seen in theatre, film, and on television.

Great to get to know you Kara, and thanks for the tips!

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