Health and Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Small office? Large building? Lab? Garage? No matter where you work, accidents can happen. Some are preventable, some are not. Being proactive in leading your staff to be safety conscious regardless of whose ‘job’ it is can help everyone.Mark Humble Safety Post

Establishing Behavioural Health and Safety (BHS) as a company-wide value, making it part of your office culture, or encouraging it to be a personal commitment can greatly decrease the amount of accidents in your workplace.

“Everyone owns safety.”

A safe work environment can lead to increased productivity, higher employee morale and cost savings.

How do you start? Change attitudes toward BHS! Encourage people to fix a problem if they can (wipe up a spill, remove tripping hazards), report a danger, or discuss making it a priority in team meetings and remind people that we can all make a difference.

By reporting and discussing near misses, the chances of a more serious accident drops significantly.

To learn more about training opportunities your entire organization can use to make your environment safer, contact AXIOM.

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