IT-LAMP Program Kick-Off

AXIOM’s partner Eric Bloom of Manager Mechanics is launching a new training program and we have all the details! We’re proud to partner with innovative and driven Learning & Development professionals to bring you the newest programs available to help you get ahead in your industry.manager-mechanics

This new IT-LAMP (IT Leadership and Management Program) is a year-long IT leadership training program with three primary components:

1. Monthly live online classes (topics listed below)
2. IT community via monthly teleconferences and online discussion boards
3. Online library of IT leadership and career tools and content

This twelve month certificate program is designed to help IT Managers, IT Supervisors and soon-to-be future leaders enhance their management craft. The goal is to maximize their effectiveness today, while preparing them for more senior IT management roles tomorrow.

New participants can join the program at any time. This is a twelve month rolling schedule. For example, people who join in June 2016 will continue their membership through May 2017.

Each month includes a two hour live instructional webinar, peer-to-peer discussion groups, selected YouTube videos, Wikipedia research topics, selected reading list, and optional one-on-one coaching.

The first twelve month topics include:
• Apr 8, 2016: Thinking like a CIO
• May 13, 2016: Interpersonal Communication
• Jun 10, 2016: IT Megatrends and Their Management Consequences
• Jul 8, 2016: Data Quality and Governance
• Aug 12, 2016: Vendor Management
• Sep 9, 2016: Managing Virtual Teams
• Oct 14, 2016: Fostering IT Innovation
• Nov 11, 2016: IT Methodologies and Best Practices
• Dec 9, 2016: IT Organizational and Personal Productivity
• Jan 13, 2017: Cloud Computing Management
• Feb 10, 2017: Internal IT Client Service and User Satisfaction
• Mar 10, 2017: Multi-Generational Leadership and Knowledge Transfer

Available Pricing Options (one year price)

• Level 1: ($3,700) Live online classes and online resources
• Level 2: ($4,700) Level 1 plus peer groups, community access
• Level 3: ($7,700) Level 2 plus one-on-one monthly coaching (up to one hour per month)

If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please feel free to contact AXIOM.

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