Tips to Keep your Participants Engaged

Trainers have a tough job. Standing up in front of people, public speaking, engaging strangers, managing time, dealing with new locations…and that’s before we even get to the subject matter!

Each day is different, each group of participants presents new situations and challenges. Of all the training events we’ve been to, the ones we remember the most are the ones where the instructor was engaging, well-spoken and cared about the class. We may not remember everything we learned, but we remember the feeling of being entertained, taught and listened to all at the same time.

Some easy tips to take with you if you are an instructor:

  1. Make eye contact and greet each participant
  2. Build in breaks
  3. Schedule interactive activities
  4. Ask your own questions and allow the group to participate
  5. Arrive early and make sure the room is comfortable and set up well

These are really easy and can be used by any type of trainer. But what if you are training a specific group? Maybe an IT group, or a Business Applications department?  Here’s a great article we found from partner Eric Bloom of Manager Mechanics, called “7 Ways to Talk with Business Users”.

Let us know what you think of this blog, we thought it was really helpful!

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