Kicking off our Certified Professional in Training Management Class!

AXIOM’s mission has always been to provide you with the best Learning & Development consultants ready to tackle any project you have. But, we’re more than that, we’re thought leaders in our industry and we’re always working to better ourselves to stay on top of our game. We know that learning never stops.Training Certification Process

Even for the learning experts!

Each member of AXIOM has started the Certified Professional in Training Management Certification (CPTM) class through The Training Industry.  We’re working through 10 modules that will lead up to a week long class that we’ll go through as a team.

“CPTM is a specialized credential focused on the training leader, founded on best practices derived through a multi-year, ongoing research effort. As a CPTM, you will gain the tools needed to align training and business needs, to achieve new levels of effectiveness and impact.”

Our class is scheduled for the 3rd week in June and we’re about halfway through the modules. They are tough, this is definitely bringing back school memories of notes, worksheets and quizzes! Each module is taken online and can take between one and two hours to get through. There is a two- to four-question quiz at the end of each lesson within the module and then a longer test at the end that you must get an 80% on to pass to the next module.

Tough! It’s certainly sparked some healthy competition in our Monday morning meetings!

We’re learning a lot through this certification process and are already applying it to our work.  Things like:

  • The importance of Strategic Alignment in a Training Department
  • Links between Content Delivery and Content Development
  • The Seven Stages of a Sourcing Engagement
  • Optimizing your Processes
  • Leveraging Technology for Knowledge Transfers

And more!

We’re looking forward to the class in a few weeks and can’t wait to report out on how we did. But most importantly, we’re looking forward to earning your trust as Certified Professionals, able to handle any need you have.

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