Laptops for a Cause

A few weeks ago, we did a fun post about our friend Tom Snyder, a co-founder of a great non-profit called Smartstainable that provides computer training to women and children in poverty. You can read it here.

We got a lot of positive feedback after posting this, and many thanks from Tom for helping spread the word about this great program that can lift women and children out of poverty and provide them skills that they otherwise may never get.

Tom has asked for some more help with his endeavor and AXIOM is happy to jump right in.

Says Tom, “I am in need of 5 refurbished laptops for my non-profit sponsor Ventures for Good in Uganda, who is using them to train children in schools in Jinga.  I am working with Dr. Clemente, the founder of the foundation.  Ventures for Good is fiscally sponsoring the Smartstainable program.  Can you help me in finding sources who can donate these to us please?”

Sure, Tom, we’re here for you! Sending this out to all our followers, there has to be someone out there with some laptops that could be better used in a teaching role through Smartstainable.

Thanks! Please contact us by posting a comment below, or visiting our website if you think you can help.

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