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AXIOM is proud to have a network of smart, generous, knowledgeable L&D professionals who make us better at our own jobs. Today, Andrea Infantino of ADI Productions came to run a personal workshop for me (Stacy Brinegar) to teach me how to create customized infographics for marketing use.

Two hours went by in a flash! (We went a little over and could have kept going!)

We’re updating our website and are creating some marketing material to go along with our website launch. I’ve been watching trends online and kept seeing infographics with great visuals, colors and compelling statistics. Why not make one for AXIOM?

Examples of infographics

Since our business is multi-faceted, I knew just one wasn’t going to be enough. AXIOM has 3 “big buckets” that we split our work into: Training, Development and Staffing. It makes sense to have an infographic for each. For “training”, we’ll gather stats on how many classes we’ve run each year, what topics we offer and why training matters. For Development we’ll highlight our in-house and contract experts that will design a curriculum for you, and the potential RIO you can expect. Staffing will show you how we can put the right person on your team to take on the projects that you can’t and now fast you can accomplish your team goals.

Not only did Andrea explain this very clearly and in ways that made sense for our small business, but she touched on how all aspects of our marketing should be consistent. She took some extra time to give us advice on our new website and on our Power Point templates. She then tied it all in by showing me how a few good pictures, colors and fonts spread out across all of our different marketing mediums can ‘brand’ us and make us more recognizable.

I walked away feeling overwhelmed, but in an optimistic and excited way. These are the days when I really love working for AXIOM. The fact that we provide learning opportunities not only for you, but for our own as well, makes me value my position, coworkers and management team even more.

We DO practice what we preach… NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Once I get these infographics going, I can’t wait to share with you! Thank you again Andrea, for an informative and motivating workshop!

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