Learning Solutions 2016: Sharing What Works

Learning logoLooking for a great event to kick off your spring season? The Learning Solutions Conference and Expo will be held March 16-18 in Orlando, FL. Register here.

Choose from over 100 sessions covering eLearning best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging trends to help you create more engaging and effective learning experiences.

We recommend these two session from AXIOM’s good friend Mark Simon from HiMark Solutions.

The first is called ‘The Great Debate: PowerPoint vs. Free form eLearning Tools“. Mark will debate with Joe Ganci, the president of eLearning Joe who argues that free form elearning tools trump Power Point. From the site, “Joe will abandon political correctness to tell Mark exactly why free-form tools are infinitely better than PowerPoint tools, while Mark will campaign for PowerPoint users all over the world.”

The second session is called “What you build is what you get – or is it?” This is a solo presentation by Mark and is about struggles that plague eLearning and mLearning professionals. From the synopsis, “What are the common elements that lead to WYBIWYG (what you build is what you get) issues? What can you do to avoid it? Can you eliminate it? This presentation will help you understand how it happens, what to do to avoid it, and steps you can take to eliminate WYBIWYG issues entirely.”

These promise to be interesting and engaging sessions and we’re excited to see our friend Mark in action!

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