Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Who doesn’t love to play games? It breaks up your day, lets you relax a little and you can learn a lot about your co-workers! Plus, it gets the creative juices flowing and sets you up for a great learning experience. We found this fun article on www.insidehrdq.com and thought it has a lot of relevance in our work.
Communication Derailed Game Kit

Positive buzz, measurable results, and improved performance top every trainer’s wish list. It’s also the key to getting management buy-in and achieving professional success. But you won’t get there with lecture-style training or e-learning programs where rows of chairs face forward or the only activity taking place is the clicking of a mouse.

The question is…how can you take your training to the next level? The answer is…try adding a training game to the mix.

Why Choose a Training Game?

Say goodbye to doodling, daydreaming, and worrying about what’s for lunch. Simply put, training games add life to the classroom. They get people up and out of their seats. Interacting. Building. Absorbing. Cheering. Training games hook your audience on learning. They enable individuals to practice concepts, receive immediate feedback, and modify behavior in the safety of the training classroom—before they attempt to apply new skills in the real world where it really matters.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

There’s far more to well-designed training games than play alone. They’re a powerful vehicle for learning because they’re built upon a proven framework and grounded in recent research. Extensive studies show adults are motivated to learn when the topics being presented are relevant to their experiences, practical and useful in their work, and helpful in attaining their goals. And that’s exactly what you can achieve with a training game.

Experience Learning

MarsExperiential learning is a proven and effective way for adults to learn new concepts, develop fresh skills, and improve performance. It’s also the basis of the HRDQ Experiential Learning Model™ and the operating system behind training games such as the Mars Surface Rover, Jungle Escapeand Communication Derailed.

While experiential learning isn’t a new concept, it’s a well-proven and respected approach to lifelong learning. It increases the probability that knowledge will become internalized, transferred, and applied to real-world situations. And that means better training results for you, the individual, and your organization.


-L&D Thoughts
-Article written by www.insidehrdq.com, and posted by AXIOM.

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