Life, Work and Reeling in the Madness with Evernote!

Two weeks ago we posted about staying organized and how important it is for a small business (and really, any business!) Read about it here. We got it from a friend, Suzan Czajkowski, from and we really agreed with a lot of her tips and the need to stay on top of things. After it posted, Peter Ward from our office offered a tip of his own. See what he has to say:

Something I have always struggled with is the perpetual change in the digital and electronic gadgets I use (and love!).  I went from a low tech Desk Buddy that inhabited my passenger seat and held pads of paper, files and laptops, to a voice activated phone that does a lot more AND leaves my passenger seat open for, well, passengers.

The change from one format to another is what throws me. I have lost important files and memorable pictures when ditching a desktop for a laptop or switching from one smart phone to another.  In addition to this change management conundrum, I struggle with integrating personal and work information. I’d like to say I searched and found an answer to my organizational challenges but in reality I stumbled on this in an article I read online.  The article introduced me to a tool I now employ and have tweaked to manage the way I see the world.

Evernote is a great tool for organizing the various notes, pictures, web clippings, voice recordings that accumulate throughout the day. I am able to email or clip web sites into a prescribed folder that I can find later. In essence it is a funnel into which I can toss the things important to me and sort them as I go, or organize later. I use it for storing receipts, birth dates, shirt sizes, notes on business meetings, clips of exercise programs, to-do lists, expenses, directions, client notes, etc., etc., etc!

AND the best part: this information – personal or work – is at my fingertips on my personal laptop, work laptop, smart phone, tablet AND any device I care to log in from! The following are 2 videos that introduced me to Evernote and a blog that really helps it all make sense. This system changed (well, helped to organize) my life! What can it do for yours?

12 Minute Intro video from YouTube

60 Minute Webinar from YouTube

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