The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Having in mind this wise Jiddu’s sentence, we were wondering about changes that are constantly appearing around in the computer and software world. It’s hard to track these changes in every detail, but surely we are able to provide you with an interesting overview of them. Ages ago, we needed an entire room sacrificed to have one computer and suddenly there were PCs with those big discs. Now there are pen drives, SD cards, and many more. But where are these… changes aiming? Nowadays you don’t need device to store your data. Cloud computing is responsible for taking the weight of material devices from your shoulders and offers you constant access to your files from all over the world 24/7.Cloud Computing

From MS Word To Office 365 

Same thing happened with text documents: From Notepad to Office Word. Every year Microsoft surprised us with new possibilities added to their package. Whenever it came to design or innovative functions, we knew that there will always be some kind of improvement. And, now, year after year, the whole thing becomes more and more interactive. So, we now have Google docs: It was only natural in a world where the internet plays a great part in people’s lives to provide cloud solutions. Now you can easily create articles like this with the help of your coworkers.

Many dollars are saved due to economization of time. You are no longer wasting money on sending text to get approval. Now it’s natural for managers to check documents while they are being created. Using cloud computing in the modern office keeps itself up to date providing you with the latest features. And you are always covered when it comes to working online.

What About eLearning?

In the beginning there was Power Point, essential in the origin of creating an eLearning environment. However, with the course of time, PowerPoint started to be not sufficient enough. Now you can easily import your PP presentation to new devices which provide you with new functions. There is of course Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline: You can say they are both responsive, have easy to use interfaces, and many great functions that bring eLearning to a new level. Yes, we agree. These products took an amazing leap in improving the designing experience. But we didn’t stop there.

What is the next step when it comes to eLearning platforms? It may be This application has everything what its predecessors… and more. Beside every basic function that Learning Management Systems must have, Darkan allows you to work on one project in whole groups online in the same time. Presentations like no other are indexed by Google and everything you do is stored into the cloud.

5 Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is more than a reasonable solution for your business. Here are its 5 biggest advantages:

  1. Recovery. 
    Every wise entrepreneur has a backup of the most important data. Why to store it in the cloud? Implementing a cloud-based backup and recovery partition can save much time… and nerves.
  2. Cost saving.
    Why buy high cost hardware when you can easily have same a quality service in a lower price? The pay as you go settlement is appreciated by many subscription-based model lovers.
  3. Brainstorming.
    Many people, many ideas, one place. Every team member can access, share, and edit documents anytime. If you are a fan of synergy, this solution allows to work together with full visibility of collaborations.
  4. Security.
    There are many cases when offices are robbed. What happens then to your files? Such a loss can be very painful for your company. With cloud computing your documents are available to you from any device you choose. A big pro is also the possibility for you to wipe your data remotely directly from your account, so it won’t get into wrong hands.
  5. Remote work.
    A modern model of working can be realized thanks to cloud computing: Your data are available for you anytime, anywhere, from any chosen device. Employees waiting at the airport can work as effectively as when in the office.


Be up to date! Listen to podcasts, follow the trade press, and be open to new possibilities. Maybe there has already been invented a way to significantly improve your way of working. For now it’s for sure cloud computing. It’s up to you whether you are going to use programs in the cloud or just stay offline. Let us know in the comments below how things are maintained in your company!

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