The Power of the Collaborative User Interface – Free Webinar!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when you can learn something! AXIOM is always on the lookout for great webinars, conferences, workshops and events that we can share with you.

AXIOM friend Frank Spillers is hosting a free webinar on December 20th called:

The Power of the Collaborative User Interface

Are you a product manager, marketer, UI or UX person, PM, user researchers or a mobile or VR/AR designer/developer? Then this webinar is for you!

During this 45 minute online seminar you’ll learn

  • What collaborative interfaces look like…
  • Assessing your depth of collaboration: What’s your Key Performance Indicator?
  • How social interfaces, collaboration and Emotion Design overlap
  • How to activate and tap into your user’s social cognition

….and much more. Here’s an excerpt from Frank’s description:

“In today’s competitive race to define a better user experience, collaboration is emerging as a central component of good user experience. Interfaces that leverage social presence (others are or have experienced this with you), are better able to create opportunities for user engagement. Amazon started the best practice in ecommerce over a decade ago (“Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”) and it’s become a standard, that no ecommerce site would survive without it. Likewise, enterprise web apps have become more Facebook like with Feeds, Shares and Likes.”

Please, join us!

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