TICE 2017! We were there and LOVED it!

Another great show in the books! AXIOM team members Peter Ward, Jason Ruff and Herb Blanchard spent an exciting and busy week down in Raleigh, NC for the Training Industry’s Conference and Expo. We’re loving the TICE stories and connections we’ve been hearing since they got back!

The guys put together their thoughts on TICE, thanks! Here’s what they had to say:

TICE was a well-attended, professionally run event that delivered what was promised and more! All the networking, collaborating and hearing of best practices from the Learning Leaders of our industry was well worth the 3 days in Raleigh. We learned so much from the excellent key note speakers and breakout sessions AND got the scoop on the CPTM training from people who have been through it and are certified. We at AXIOM are excited to be experiencing this soon!

The AXIOM booth, though tucked away towards the back, had the advantage of being across from the long lines of people getting their books signed by the well-known author Jack Canfield. Jack also presented an excellent key note speech on “Life’s Lessons for Training Success”. Between that and the gratuitous placement of the evening cocktail hour bar next to our booth, we were quite busy!

Wednesday morning’s key note speaker, Vidya Krishnan, also gave an excellent presentation discussing the evolution of the networked society and personalization as the next untapped natural resource for training. Very engaging! Vidya did a tremendous job using a long time passion of hers, the Star Wars movies, to explain the keys to unleashing the Force as a way to get to personalization in the classroom. A great speech!

The Thursday morning key note, Ryan Jenkins, awed us with incredible, eye-opening facts concerning our workforce makeup and where technology and the next generation are taking us. The connectivity and mobile ability of the new generation of learners will change training as we know it and reshape it into something exciting and mind boggling.

Overall TICE was an excellent conference and we walked away with new friends, business opportunities and a much better understanding of the training industry that AXIOM serves.

Already looking forward to next year!


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