What Solutions do we Offer?

On this blog we spend a lot of time talking about industry trends, hot topics, tidbits of information about what goes on at AXIOM, partners we work with, good things that are happening in the Learning & Development world. But we haven’t taken time lately to talk about what we do. So here’s a glimpse.

We are a full service Learning & Development firm that offers Advanced Technical and IT Programming courses and takes pride in offering you the customized solutions that you need.

We work with hundreds of industry experts who are passionate about training and want you to succeed.

Want a sample of what we can do? This list is a small sample into what our qualified instructors can offer you.

Web Programming: HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, Dojo

Programming: Java (including Java8), Java EE, Groovy, Grails, C++, C++ 11/14

Open Source: OOP A&D, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, .NET, C#, VB, ASP.NET

And more, like: UNIX, Linux, Perl, Python, MS Office, SharePoint, VBA

This is only an abbreviated list, so if you are looking for something else, please contact us.

We are also always looking for more talented people to work with us. Our Jobs page updates regularly and making new connections is one of our favorite things. Let’s get a discussion going about how we can find you the right Instructional Design, Trainer, Learning Project Manager or Trainer/Developer position.

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you, so no matter what your need is, contact us and let’s work together.

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