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Develop your organization and increase the effectiveness of your people: these license-free, ready-to-go workshops for managers, leaders, sales professionals and individual contributors, developed by and offered through our partnership with Zeiberg Consulting, can improve performance in sales, people management, DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging), employee engagement, and other critical business areas.

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Management and Individual Contributor Business Skills Development

Making Connections Through Communication
Workshop participants gain skills to move beyond communicating to building genuine connections with others. The tactics they learn are helpful for building relationships at all levels of an organization and in all directions, up, down and laterally. (2 hour workshop) 

Setting Direction for Performance
Alignment is critical to both success and employee engagement.  In this workshop, we share a reliable process for ensuring alignment through goal-setting.  Goals are supported by individual development planning, to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills required to execute set objectives/goals. (3 hour workshop)

Providing Performance Feedback and Coaching
Feedback and coaching are core leadership skills that are difficult to do well and with consistency. While many managers know the value of feedback, often it does not happen on a regular basis. This workshop helps managers identify their barriers to feedback and coaching, and to overcome those barriers using simple, reliable processes that accelerate performance. (2 hour workshop)

Building Trust and Collaboration
Trust is the foundation for all business transactions and relationships. In this workshop, participants take a hard look at their own behaviors and propensity to trust. They examine important relationships and identify the actions required to build trust and collaboration. Participants also discuss how to handle unproductive behavior from a colleague, and how to recover and regain trust after a misstep. (2 hour workshop)

Delegation Bootcamp
Delegation is a skill that can enhance a career or create a roadblock to growth. In this workshop, participants learn a reliable process for delegating tailored to the individual’s talents and development goals. Participants identify what they need to delegate with confidence, in a way that yields the desired results. (2 hour workshop)

Influence Without Authority
The ability to influence others is a core skill in today’s modern, matrixed organization. In this workshop, participants examine the three components of influence: power, credibility, and motives. Through self-assessment and analysis of their specific relationships, participants create an action plan to directly influence key stakeholders. (2 hour workshop)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Managing Our Unconscious Bias
We all need to increase our awareness of unconscious bias and the underlying causes. Participants learn how their brains are wired for bias and how to observe unconscious bias in themselves and others to become more sensitive to the impact it has on inclusion and belonging at work. (2 hour workshop)

Building a Culture of Belonging
We all need to identify what gets in the way of our own belonging and those we work with. Participants learn how to implement behaviors and actions to help themselves and colleagues feel psychologically safe, included, and ultimately, a sense of belonging. (2 hour workshop)

Being an Ally
An ally is someone who uses their privilege to offer support to those without privilege. Participants learn specific tactics to demonstrate allyship at work. (2.5 hour workshop)

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work
Many people do not reveal their true selves as they do not feel safe, and some choose to compartmentalize areas of their lives for that reason. This workshop helps us reduce that feeling and feel psychologically safe enough to reveal our authentic selves at work. (2.5 hour workshop)

Embracing Generational Differences
With multiple generations in today’s workplace, we need to learn how to be more mindful in how we engage with colleagues from generations different than our own, avoid stereotyping, seek understanding when conflict arises, and leverage the unique strengths we all bring to our work. (2.5 hour workshop)

Are You Ready to Thrive?
Thriving is not only about getting a strong return on investment; it redefines how people work, grow, and succeed. To thrive and achieve workplace happiness, we need to learn how to isolate current deficiencies in our regular activities to align with our personal values. (2 hour workshop)

Client Acquisition, Business Development and Sales Learning

Energy Is The New Time
HR and line leaders are looking carefully at levels of engagement, turnover, and other undesirable outcomes. According to Gallup, only 32% of employees in the U.S. and 13% of employees  worldwide are engaged, meaning ‘involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.’ This workshop focuses on how energy management vs. time management can yield greater productivity and well-being while providing tangible strategies for personal energy application. (3 hour workshop)

The 90-Day Dash: Personal Massive Action Planning
The best salespeople don’t think they’re running a territory or a list of accounts. They operate like they’re running a business. This workshop helps salespeople focus on 90-day personal sales development plans designed to systematically grow their new business portfolio against the backdrop of an aggressive goal.  (3 hour workshop)

The Inspirational Sales Leader
Companies dedicating resources to develop their sales leadership are experiencing topline revenue gains of as much as 29%. They see the need to develop sales leaders that can solicit forward thinking commitments from their teams to improve overall sales execution. This workshop will help participants engage salespeople uniquely at each stage of a validated sales process. (3 hour workshop)

What's Included in These Workshops?

Each workshop includes a pre-work assignment, PowerPoint slides with your organization’s branding, detailed facilitation notes, participant workbook, job aid, action learning assignment, and a manager briefing document. Delivery can be provided virtually, face-to-face, or blended.

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AXIOM’s combination of ready-to-go learning classes, workshops and content and our ability to source or develop custom or adapted content gives us the ability to match any learning need.

  • Skills Workshops: License-free, ready-to-go workshops to develop your organization’s effectiveness. For managers, leaders, sales professionals and individual contributors, these workshops cover communications skills, business development and sales, DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging), and more. Learn more
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