Agile Digital Transformation Program

We have created a one of a kind Agile Digital Transformation training program designed to fully immerse teams in an Agile software development experience. Our program mixes direct instruction with exercises that guide teams though the completion of a gamified capstone project that has them running their solutions in direct competition with other teams. Learning objectives, principles and newly obtained Agile and technical skills are immediately put into practice in a fun and engaging manner.

Is your organization Agile? Are you interested in an approach that can take your software team to new heights and success?

Concepts, Disciplines, and Techniques

For the first half of the bootcamp, all learners are provided specialized training in several categories and disciplines. These categories, called principles, relate to the capstone project that each team is required to create using provided starter code. During the development process, each team must develop the software and winning strategy that will compete against those of other teams. Teams will be scored based on the way they apply these principles. 

Fast Agile Live & Virtual Class Training Schedule & Options


  • Newly onboarded team members, such as new software developers in an organization
  • Teams or individuals that are new to Agile and DevSecOps
  • Software teams aiming to implement a new Agile and Automation Transformation
  • A fully customized bootcamp can be developed, using the core materials and capstone project, to meet the unique needs of your organization (requires a minimum # of participants)
  • Small teams or individuals can also participate in public sessions that are occasionally delivered

For more details or to set up a meeting please contact

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