Another TICE Announcement…the Agenda!

The agenda has been announced! We’re really excited about the Training Industry Conference and Expo in June, but seeing what’s on tap is making our countdown seem like it’s [...]


How is Influence Achieved in the Workplace?

We are so proud of our partners, colleagues and friends in the Learning & Development world. They do great things! They write books, influence decisions, teach skills that make companies [...]


More Services from AXIOM

We recently launched a new page on our website… our “More Services” page. We’d love for you to check it out! You know we’re a learning and development firm that [...]


The ITML Institute

Congratulations Eric Bloom! Eric is a friend of ours who has announced a major change in his business. What once was Manager Mechanics is now The ITML Institute! We’re happy for you Eric and hope [...]


Welcome Tina Dufour to the AXIOM Family!

AXIOM is excited to announce the hiring of Tina Dufour as our Director of Learning Solutions! Tina will play a large role in AXIOM’s signature process of custom instructional design to delivery [...]


How Hard is Choosing your LMS?

Choosing an LMS can be like choosing any other software for your business….it can take up a good amount of resources and money, there are dozens of factors that go into the decision, [...]


Training Project Mistake Series, Tips 7 & 8!

Training projects can be essential to your business’s bottom line. Which is why these projects need to go well without a major mistake! With properly trained employees, your business runs [...]


Training Project Mistakes Series, Tips 5 & 6!

Are you in the middle of a big training project? Or, are you about to start one? If things are a little overwhelming, mistakes are happening, or maybe aren’t going as smoothly as you hoped, [...]


Kicking off our Certified Professional in Training Management Class!

AXIOM’s mission has always been to provide you with the best Learning & Development consultants ready to tackle any project you have. But, we’re more than that, we’re [...]


ITML Institute, Advancing Leadership Skills in IT

If you’re an IT professional with goals to get to management, leadership skills are essential. There are plenty of classes out there that can teach you the right skills to advance your [...]

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